I'm trying to figure out how to deal with subheads and baseline grid in InDesign. I want them to have different space before and space after values. But I also want my body text to have consistent baseline grid. It's pretty easy when you have only one subhead per page, but what to do if I have multi-level subheads?

I prepared something that pictures my problem.

In this example baseline grid is set to 15 pt increment. Space before value for both of subheadings is set to 15 pt and space after is set to 7,5 pt. This works fine, but body text is not aligned with the baseline grid. It's easy to loose control over the grid. Good margins And this is the second example. Body text sticks to the baseline grid, but this causes that the space before and space after values are not true (they're in fact equal because the text jumps to the next baseline. Bad margins Do you have any solution for this problem? Preferably one that doesn't require turning off the baseline grid for the body text? The only thing I came up with is to create margins that can be divided by baseline grid value (in this case: 15 pt). Then I could make the upper margin (space before) lets say 20 pt and the lower margin 10 pt. But sometimes it's too much, so I'm looking for a method that would give me more control over the whitespace.

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    I think you've covered both options in your question! Either you have the combined margins at a multiple of the baseline grid or you set the body to align to the baseline regardless. – Cai Feb 28 '16 at 15:32

I think your last option is to work with baseline shift for subheads while keeping on the baseline grid. See image below. The subhead has baseline grid option ON, yet its above the line by 3pt

enter image description here

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You can set up baseline grid 1/2 of the leading for greater flexibility.

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