Is there a shortcut for switching between doge and burn in Photoshop? When working with photo manipulations you often work with both but I've never known of a way to switch quickly between the two.

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I always use Dodge tool and then just press alt and start burning.

It is not a permanent switch. It only stays as the burn tool when you press alt.

( same thing works if you initially select burn tool, except it changes the tool to dodge when pressing alt. )

If you need to change the range quickly you can easily do that by shift right clicking the document and choose what range to use.

  • This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for the Shift + Right Click trick too. Mar 31, 2012 at 15:01

If you disable "Use Shift Key for Tool Switch" in the General Preferences, you can simply press O (to go from Dodge to Burn) or OO (to cycle past the Sponge tool and go from Burn to Dodge). Otherwise you can keep the default behavior and use Shift-O and Shift-O Shift-O respectively.

For an even quicker Dodge and Burn switching technique, add a new layer in Overlay mode and fill with 50% gray. Set your colors to the defaults (D) and use the Brush tool at an opacity of about 10% in Overlay mode on your new layer. You can toggle between Dodge (white brush) and Burn (black brush) by pressing X.


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