I have about 55 ai files and i wanted to save for web for all these files using adobe illustrator script. I wanted to save all of them at 1200 percent size of the document size.


The logic for what your script does is like this:

  1. open the group of files and make a list of their file system locations
  2. loop through the files in the list one at a time:
    1. open one document in Illustrator
    2. increase the artwork size to 1200%
    3. Save for Web
    4. close the document without saving
    5. repeat

With AppleScript, you would write a pattern like this:

on open theFiles
    repeat with theFile in theFiles
        tell application "Illustrator"
            open theFile
            -- increase artwork size to 1200% step goes here
            -- Save for Web step goes here
            close the front document saving no
        end tell
    end repeat
end open

… and then Save that AppleScript as an app. To use the app, you would just drop your group of files onto it.

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  • please also write this code – hamzaali Mar 6 '16 at 15:21

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