I am working off of a psd mockup to put together a page.

I have been using the eyedropper tool to get text colors, but I suspect there's a better way to do this, since I believe the eyedropper might sometimes be picking up anti-aliasing -- that is to say, it's perhaps picking up a color other than the "official" color used on the text.

Anyone have a workflow that works for this scenario? I'd love to be able to help the next person out on this, even if I'm not the one to benefit immmediately.

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Select Text Tool and click on the Text, you will see Color option in the "option Menu" of Photoshop, click and open it to get the color; See the screenshot below: Screenshot


You can always see the original colors on the Option bar. Just select the text tool and choose the text layer you need.

  • Thanks for contributing! This answer could be improved by including a screenshot(s) and otherwise providing more detail. Right now it is lacking Commented Mar 6, 2016 at 17:50

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