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Facebook: Ways to preserve image quality of uploaded images?

I am facing a little problem while uploading custom made gif images over Facebook, the problem is they look all fine and good over my pc but once they get uploaded over Facebook there is a sharp decrease in their quality and there color seems to get dull and somehow they get a little pixelated, I searched Google a bit and many people face this problem and it’s not specific only to gif images.

So I want to ask are there any possible custom settings to be used while editing image sin Photoshop, to ensure their same quality over Facebook? settings like resolution, color mode, Bits/channel, color profile,aspect ratio etc?...

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  • Yes, I'm having the same problem, I wanna know how to upload a crisp looking cover photo for a facebook page I'm desigining, it has a texture on it(a checkboard texture 1x1 pixel) when I upload it looks all blurry... – Flavius Frantz Apr 2 '12 at 23:44
  • When images are uploaded to a site like Facebook, they are processed, resized and saved as a jpg. What you upload is rarely, if ever the same image you see on the site. The best you can do is to save your image as large as possible and simply HOPE the server-side image processor is kind to it. – Scott Apr 2 '12 at 23:59