I am trying to achieve the effect bellow (source: Twitter official blog header image).

I have a background color and a few colorful flat objects that I want to bend into the background color like bellow.


Easiest & Fastest, non-destructive (important) way would be to create a "Gradient Map" Adjustment Layer. Put this layer on top and create a gradient from "#327db6" colour to "#5399d4"

You will have to play around with placements of the colours on a gradient as it all depends on the underlying brightness of the colour.

With a default gradient, all the bright/white colours will change to the colour on the side of a gradient and all the dark/Black colours will be matched to the colours on the left side of the gradient. Unless you check "Reverse".

The reason why you would use gradient map over blending modes:

  • much more control over what colours get changed to what colour
  • You just need 1 layer which controls all underlying items
  • A totally non-destructive way
  • is much less confusing if you have a lot of layers underneath

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