I want to register my brand as a trademark. I've almost completed my logo design. The only thing left is the font.

I've found thousands fonts and websites online. The problem is that I'm not sure if I can use these fonts for my logo. I've read that I need to read the license before using/buying the font. But what if that font is already created by another designer?

I'm looking for the most respected websites that offer fonts that I can use for my logo with absolutely no problems.

My question is: How do I know that a website is 100% legal and sells fonts that I can use with no problem?


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As its for your own logo, you only have to buy a licence for yourself. So you don't have to worry about giving clients access to your font which will be bring up different licence concerns. As its a logo you just need a desktop/print licence.

As all licensing will vary, when you found your font read their licence page. But check out these sites to view the difference in licences as a guide.

http://www.fonts.com/info/services/licensing-options https://processtypefoundry.com/licensing/our-license-agreement

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How do you know that a website is 100% legal and sells fonts that you can use with no problem?

This is pretty easy: you use a trusted font reseller. A font reseller has contracts with every font vendor they sell for, and pays commission on every sale. Sites like fontspring.com and myfonts.com are examples of sites that would give you 100% confidence in your purchase.

Almost universally, font licenses allow you to use fonts to create logos. Oftentimes, the only exception to that rule would be if the font had a dingbat image in it. In that case, that particular symbol probably wouldn't be allowed as a logo.

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