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How do I get started with Adobe Illustrator

What are some good websites/tutorials/videos that will get me started with basic workflow concepts? I am not looking for "how to draw X", but general concept tutorials, although specific examples are not a problem as long as they teach general concepts.

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I think this has been answered here, "How do I get started with Adobe Illustrator?"


There are some great tutorials all over the web, if you don't mind paying, http://www.lynda.com/ has some really informative tutorials. Lynda also has a youtube channel with a number of tutorials http://www.youtube.com/user/lyndapodcast.

In the best when learning programs, that really helped me the most. But, just playing around with Illuratator, getting a feel for it through experience is the best way in my opinion, but if you're short on time, go for tutorials!

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