I'm a student who is very new to Maya, and I am wondering how to put an image into the side viewport to allow me to turn 2d objects into 3d objects.

I used to to this exact same thing in Cinema 4d, but everything was a lot easier, and I felt limited when trying to model guns, cars, and tools.

At first I tried dragging an image into the viewport, it brought up a sketchy program called "FCheck" (I believe it is a part of Maya).

I looked at a video when someone modeled a Karambit, they just-so-happened to skip the part in the video where they add the image to the viewport. If I knew what it was called in Maya to add an image, I could have possibly found the answer on Google. But, I had no clue what it was called. I've only watched a one hour video on YouTube for Maya's tools, so I'm fresh into Maya.

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Within the viewport is a menu bar at the top. Click on View -> Image Plane -> Import Image. There, select your image and when done, it will place a 3d version of your 2d image. (Not exactly as I wanted, but will possibly work)

  • Sometimes importing an image (especially high res) while on perspective view causes bugs for me. You might need to switch to orthographic view and then import the image Apr 12, 2016 at 6:51

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