When I change my font, my baseline drops inside of a flowRegion (text box). Specifically the Cardo font (I have not noticed others); see the image below.

Various baseline drops

How do I adjust the baseline so the font starts at the top of the text region?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get/install the Cardo Font
  2. Open Inkscape 0.91 (Windows 7?)
  3. Draw a text box
  4. Type text
  5. See its baseline where you would expect
  6. Select text and choose Cardo font
  7. See its baseline drop bad

For what it is worth, this was not a problem in the past, likely with a previous version of Inkscape (0.48?). I discovered the problem when opening a previous .svg file and found my text was missing (well, it was not missing it was just too low to see).

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