The print shop is asking me for a PDF in CMYK colors even though they will use only black ink for printing.

My pages are originally laid out in color. Should I simply convert the page to grayscale and export PSD as PDF with PDF/X-1a:2001? Because now my black is like composite and not

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So you should save your file as CMYK (With all data in the K channel) as requested. So after your conversion to greyscale choose:

Edit > Convert to Profile...

Under Destination Space tick CMYK then choose profile Custom CMYK...

Set Black Generation to Maximum to make sure the greyscale image moves to the Black channel only.

enter image description here

Note that if your printer asks for a specific max black ink limit, you can set it here too.

Now you have a CMYK file where all black sits in the K channel only. Now you can save to PDF/X-1a:2001 just keep in mind that you don't want to convert any values!

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