Situation - I have a group that contains some objects partially covered by opacity mask to emulate blurred edge. It is very easy to copy-paste such group in Illustrator - and copied group contais the same masks.

But in case if I'm trying to copy this group via script

var copyGroup = group.duplicate();

in copied group all masks are 100% white - so they just hide everything, that under them. Did somebody encounters such problem and maybe found the way to solve it?

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  • Can you give more info on what the whole script does & more of your code? – Ovaryraptor Jul 25 '17 at 17:22

Maybe this is not the right answer but i think it could be usefull anyway:

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    It would be even more useful if you transcripted the main part to your answer; we don't like depending on external links for content. – Luciano Jul 4 at 10:09

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