A font I am using is missing a couple special characters so I made my own. I'm trying to package them together as a typeface using IcoMoon. However without knowing the original font's metrics I can't get the scale right. I might be going about this totally wrong, any suggestions?

Edit: I also have concerns about usage rights considering this is a paid font. To be clear I do not plan to distribute the custom font I am creating, just use it on my site and for print work.

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If you are using a proprietary font then please check the EULA agreement that accompanies the font. Most proprietary fonts do not allow disassembly/modification of the font and this is usually mentioned in the EULA. So I'm afraid that this might not be possible.

If you use a Libre (open source) font then you would have no problems doing this. So, it really depends on what font you wish to modify and under what license it was released.


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