I am a Newbie in Inkscape. I tried to find a solution on the internet but I didn't find anything about exporting XML for Android drawable resource directory.

I would like to be sure if this program is really unable to convert or export SVG to that XML format. If so, can I export selected icons in this specific XML format?

  • I used inkscape to export an svg to plain svg. It did some changes and made it compatible with vector assert studio without altering visuals of the icon. Commented Dec 4, 2018 at 10:13

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The XML used for an Android VectorDrawable resource is specific to Android and therefor not something you will easily be able to export from any general image editing software.

You have a number of options.

You should keep in mind that VectorDrawable doesn't support all SVG features. Notably patterns, masks, gradients, images. You are basically limited to basic paths.


Save your file in Inkscape as xfg and open it at any text editor. You can directly imported from Android Studio


You can use Inkscape to create a SVG file and use a convertor to retrieve a vector XML code for Android with :

SVG to Vector Drawable Converter from a-student works better than Android SVG to VectorDrawable from inloop for few SVG files (ignore non visible layer for example). But both are very good!

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