I want to make a figure that describes the the system architecture, but I am not able to make a figure that looks clean and professional like this one: Architecture Design

My Question: is there a piece of software that draws the components of the figure with same style (Computers, Hacker icons, and rectangles)?

I tried to make something that looks like this one using Adobe Illustrator, but I didn't find the appropriate icon set to have a clean figure.

Please can you help me to make clean figures like the one in the example. Thanks,


MS Office Visio is made for this.


  • Network Notepad is a free 2D network diagram editor for Windows. The Network Notepad website also has a collection of more than 100 open source network object icons to use with Network Notepad which can be downloaded separately.

  • MaSSHandra is a free cross platform (Windows/OS X/Linux) 3D network diagram editor. MaSSHandra can also make 2D network diagrams, datacenter diagrams, office diagrams and flowcharts. It can autodiscover networks and manually discover devices and their network connections. This is a convenient feature, but the 3D diagrams look blocky like Minecraft.

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