Basically, the title of the question already says it all: Is there an open-source alternative to FF Netto?

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You could do with more explanation as to what you're really looking for. Typewriter-esque? Roundedness? No stroke contrast? High x-height? Lining figures, i.e. all numbers are same height? There are many aspects to a font and we have no clue which ones you want.

Also, you ask for open source, but I have a hunch what you're looking for is actually free (as in money and licencing) instead of with access to sourcecode. In which case; have a look at this selection over at fontsquirrel.com. That site only lists fonts which are okay to use for free, in commercial projects.

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FF Netto is available as a web font as part of an Adobe CC type kit subscription. If you're looking for a free alternative, as suggested by PixelSnader, you could try Ropa Sans or Exo 2 on Google Fonts.

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Varela Round on Google Fonts has a comparable look and feel.

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    Hi, Welcome to Graphic Design StackExchange. We hope you enjoy your stay and share information on the site. It would be helpful to see a sample of your recommendation and what you imply is comparable look and feel. Anything you can add will be of greater help and a better answer. – Stan Aug 1 '18 at 4:30

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