After a few months of using my Wacom, I started to notice that my strokes became distorted near sharp corners and curves when I changed the default 5pt brush to pen pressure. I saw similar questions here, but the answer was to revert the stroke back to basic stroke

enter image description here

Is there any way to keep the pen pressure line variation, without having the distorted strokes?

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I've noticed a similar bug, but it usually only happens when you're working at a high level of zoom. Two examples where such a thing happens:

  • Working at 500% zoom, using brush with pressure variance
  • Working at 100% zoom, using a brush with pressure variance, and then scaling it down by roughly 20%

Try working at 100% zoom. If you need to scale down your brushstrokes without distortion, you may have to outline them by going Object > Expand Appearance.

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