How do I grab a jpeg from a layer and open it in its own PSD document, so that I can crop and save how I want? In the attached image, I would like to have the jpeg in the highlighted layer (without the clipping mask) in its own document so that I can edit it as need be.enter image description here

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If you want to keep the layer linked to your current document:

Use Smart Objects. Right click your layer and click Convert to Smart Object. Double clicking the Smart Object layer will open the image in a new tab for you to edit and automatically update the layer in the original file.

If you actually want to save it to a new document separate from the original:

With your layer selected, right click the layer or click the dropdown of the layers panel and select Duplicate Layer...

enter image description here

In the Duplicate Layer dialog select New under 'Document':

enter image description here

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  1. Method 1: Smart object

Right-click the layer and choose 'Convert to smart object'. Now double click the layer and it will open in a new doc. Any edits you make and save will be visible in your original doc.

  1. Method 2: Duplicate

Right-click the layer and choose 'Duplicate...'. In the dialogue box that appears choose 'New document'. Voila.

PS: doing this from memory but I think it's right.

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