So I just traced out a map of Westeros using Illustrator's pen tool, what I want to do is divide the map into the different "provinces" or kingdoms. In other words, how do I draw the borders on the map and then be able to have an independent area on the map that I can color differently.. does this make sense?

I tried to use delete anchor point tool to draw the borders from the gap to then close the gap again, it works but there's gotta be a better way? if you can tell me what that better way is, I'd be so grateful!!

Map in Illustrator

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Take my (similarly well made...) map of Westeros

enter image description here

Draw your Kingdom's borders

enter image description here

With everything selected, use the Shape Builder Tool (SHIFT + M)

enter image description here

Select each Kingdom and color as you wish

enter image description here


enter image description here

  • THAANK YOUU! .. and yea your map is much better than mine.. so jealous!
    – Bodil132
    May 14, 2016 at 0:59

Alternatively you can use the Pathfinder's Divide tool. Open the Pathfinder panel with Shift+Ctr+F9.

  1. Draw the provinces as paths dividing Westeros, and make sure those lines overlap.
  2. Select everything and click on divide. You can then cleanup and style the different Kingdoms separately.

NB: Protip, to get the best cleanup effect make sure you don't recolor/refill Winterfell, the default white will do just fine

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