Today I watched a Ted Talk, and loved the presentation. In particular the font used.

I did some research and found out this looked like Futura. So I did compare the two, but there are subtle differences. See the image below.

I went through the most similar Futura fonts on myfonts, but can't find the exact one. Anyone an idea what font/ Futura edition this might be?


  • how the O is square even though this is italic
  • the significance width difference of the D, C and W
  • the lower ending of the stem of the J is tapered off


(The Ted Talk: We can reprogram life. How to do it wisely | Juan Enriquez)

  • Worth noting that the same font is used throughout the talk in various slides, so there may be better letters for comparison.
    – Cai
    May 14, 2016 at 9:57
  • Futura is one of those fonts that can be a bit of a pain sometimes. Like Helvetica, it seems like there are a million different versions floating around and no one uses the same. Because of this, I have a bunch of different Futuras on my system. I couldn't find an exact match for this though.
    – Manly
    May 16, 2016 at 16:21

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I checked your screen capture out on http://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/ When I used all the recognizable characters, it didn't find a match, but when I used only the "J", it found it right away.

Try - Twentieth Century Pro Bold Italic Looks like a match to me, using the "playbox" on http://www.fonthaus.com/fonts/monotypeimaging/Twentieth-Century/MI167349586

I just noticed your first example "LIFECODE" and the "E", "F" and "C" do not seem to match up. Not sure if this is a different Font, or a variant.

Perhaps Twentieth Century Medium Italic with a Bold Added. The distinguishing question mark matches.

A screenshot of Twentieth Century Pro Bold Italic on Fonthaus: Twentieth Century Pro Bold Italic


I did a comparison of Twentieth Century Pro Bold Italic, that Mvp Web Pro suggested. And turns out they are quite close, but not an exact match.

comparison of Twentieth Century Pro Bold Italic and screengrab

Since my initial comparison of Futura LT HeavyOblique and the screengrab and this one are that close, I'll answer my own question and close the question.

Thanks for the help!

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