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Hiya, I've been asked to do a quick fix (although I'm no expert!) to change the white parts of this logo transparent. I have a .psd version of it and it looks like it's all one layer. I'm afraid thats all I know! Any suggestions on how I can change the white parts to transparent? Thanks!

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Make sure the layer is unlocked. Right click the layer, and select blending options from the menu. On the "This Layer:" blending bar, move the right slider to the left just a tiny bit, and all the white from that layer should become transparent.

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    That's a great trick! My only comment is that it does leave a residual outline (colour on white) due to anti-aliasing. Once you've done it, though, Ctrl Click the layer and feather by 1 px, then delete a couple of times. That should remove the edge. – Paul May 16 '16 at 13:22

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