I have a PSD at 72 dpi, for a web interface. The developers implemented everything based on the PSD, including font sizes, but font sizes were an issue.

I'm having a hard time coming up with an explanation for this. I have a Retina 5k iMac, with a screen resolution of 5120x2880.

On the left below is Photoshop text at size 26px at 100% magnification, and on the left is just a TextEdit document with size 26 text:

enter image description here

You can see that the discrepancy is not subtle. The right is almost 2x as large. The result of this is that any implementation of PSD -> HTML/CSS results in all the text looking too big, since I have to use large font sizes in Photoshop to get it to the size it would normally be in other mediums.

Can anyone offer any solutions or explanations for this?

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I figured out what the problem was. Since I'm designing on a Retina display, I needed to set the Image -> Image Size resolution to double the standard resolution, 72 -> 144.

Then when I send it to the developer, he should set it to whatever his display's resolution is, in this case 72. This way we get consistent results.

These links helped me out:


How does font size translate on a Retina Display in Photoshop?

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