I'm trying to create a logo grid and I would like to know how I can achieve something such as the image below in illustrator

enter image description here


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  1. Create a square that has only a stroke.
  2. Go to Object>Path>Split into grid
  3. Separate into and even amount of rows and columns (I did 8 and 8)and lock the image enter image description here

  4. Create a new square on top of it with the exact same size and split it to the same amount but only to rows (I did 8 rows)

  5. With the direct selection tool grab all of the points on the right side and drag them to the next 2 points on the background image. enter image description here
  6. Do the same on the left side downwards.. enter image description here
  7. Copt this square, paste in front (cmnd+f) and go to OObject>trasnform>reflect>vertical
  8. And you'll have your grid, all you are left to do is unlock the background image: enter image description here

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