I have been moved from Illustrator to Sketch recently, but I don't understand how pathfinder work in Sketch very much.

I try to create some line heart icon with + in it like this (this was created by illustrator).

heart icon

I can create just a line in Sketch but after that I got confuse with "subtract" function in Sketch and it got weird result. For example there are some twisted line and can not subtract properly.

heart icon2

I try to search for how to, but I can not find it anywhere. For now I just created this icon in Illustrator and copied to Sketch. But I want to know how to create in Sketch for future reference.

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First, create rect with no fill and thick borders. Enable edit mode and select two corners, make the radius about 100. enter image description here

Rotate the rect by 45 degrees enter image description here

Duplicate the rect by pressing CMD + D. Flip it horizontally and place so that lower corner will be place at the same position. enter image description here

Now, let's create the cross. Create rect with width the same as heart's border. And border of the rect should be white color and outside. enter image description here

Duplicate the rect and rotate it to horizontal position. enter image description here

Select the two rects and press the Union icon on toolbar. enter image description here

Finally place the cross above the heart. enter image description here

You can download the Sketch file here

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