I'm trying to setup a list in InDesign and am wondering if there is a way to make multi-line points line up accordingly without forcing a break and inserting a tab character?

In the screenshot you can see the right side required a line-break and a tab to line up accordingly.


Following the InDesign help:

Increase the First Line Indent value if you want the punctuation in long lists to be aligned. For example, if you want “9.” and “10.” to be aligned on the period, change the Alignment to Right and gradually increase the first line indent until the numbers align (make sure Preview is turned on).

To create the hanging indent effect, specify a positive Left Indent value (such as 2p0), and then specify an equal negative value (such as -2p0) for First Line Indent.

Following this it still isn't well aligned as in the example:

Screenshot 2


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You're doing it right, just type this into the NUMBER field: ^#.^t


When I make a list like yours, by default the lines wrap. Check your indent boxes on the top tool bar (circled in red below). enter image description here

  • Just to clarify his answer a little, you want to indent all lines by x, and then indent the first line by -x. This pushes all lines in by that amount and pulls the first line (with the number) back out again.
    – Luke
    Commented Dec 12, 2016 at 3:12

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