Can I rotate everything on my canvas and keep the quality of my image without resizing all of my contents?

I have tried using the image rotation tool but I need to actually rotate my objects. I also tried to resize the objects after I rotated the image but when I do that it distorts my objects leaving them in an ugly state.


Your best bet would be to use a Smart Object.

  1. Open your Layers palette (Window > Layers or F7);
  2. Select the layers containing your objects in the Layers palette;
  3. right-click and choose Convert to Smart Object;
  4. Do your transformation / rotation with the Smart Object.

When creating a Smart Object, you essentially nest one .psd file in another. The object behaves as a single layer, allowing you to do everything you'd do to a single layer. It is, however, still editable: double click the Smart Object layer thumbnail and it will open as a separate file in a new window. This allows you to edit the contents of the Object. If you Save and close the object, it will update in the parent file.

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