Is it possible in InDesign to globally adjust the size of font A relative to the size of another font B so that given the same "Font Size" they have always the same height of their lowercase letters?

I know that in CSS there is a property font-size-adjust that makes this possible, but is there anything like that in InDesign?

It could look like specifing a multiplier for a font that is automatically allowed for when changing "Font Size".

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Use a character style and set the scale appropriately.

Place guides at the baseline and x-height of the base font to help you do the alignment. Then in the character style of the second font, under Advanced Character Formats, set an equal horizontal and vertical scale so that the x-heights align. For example:

"Porttitor" is set in a different typeface with a larger x-height:

enter image description here

With the character style applied, the x-heights align, regardless of the font size:

enter image description here

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