How to achieve in Photoshop 5.5 an effect like this (without buying any expensive addons):

enter image description here

I think that some filters were applied here on original photos.

By the way, very long time ago I saw a tutorial which showed how to do this (I could swear it was a Photoshop tutorial). Unfortunately, the only thing I remember from that tutorial is the picture that was used to work on: it was a picture of a slightly freckled boy looking directly at the camera, in front of him was a table with bread and bottle of milk and behind him was a cow and green trees. If only I could remember where I found it.. There are tons of tutorials about turning a photo into a sketch, but this is not a sketch, it's illustration.. Anyway, maybe someone knows the technique...

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I believe your sample images are paintings, not altered photographs.

The image on the right simply had the laptop and words "wi-fi" pasted into an illustration (they aren't part of the original image).

If you are looking to make photos look like illustrations, Corel Painter is a far better application for that than Photoshop.

Within photoshop, it's a matter of smoothing out all tones. Then ensuring they all have relatively the same texture and contrast.


You learn how to draw. Photoshop filters aren't magical enough to yet replace artistic skills.

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