I am reading Adobe Illustrator CC Classroom in a Book 2015 release. In the section of A Quick Tour of Adobe Illustrator CC (2015 release), the author asked me to select the Line Segment tool to draw a line. Afterwards apply the brush style to the line by choosing Windows > Brush Libraries > Borders > Borders_Novelty and selecting Laurel brush. But the final visual effect what I got is different from the one in the book. My artwork is like: enter image description here

But the artwork in the book shows like: enter image description here

Why do they look different? Where does the difference come from and how to fix it?


You may just need to Window - Stroke, click the up-and-down-arrow button of the left to the stroke text in the tab if necessary to see the Dashed Line option, uncheck the the option and you will see what's in the book.

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