I am attempting to take an image and put it on a different color background. On Monday I paid $100 for classes. The GREEN & WHITE backgrounds were just examples. I want to select and choose colors.

But if someone could help now. Or shoot me a link or FAQ. Here are my steps and photos. I realize you can not read the writing on the images but they follow the steps in order Left to right & Top to bottom. Please do not worry about the writing on the pictures.

  • Step 1 Pictures do have bad lighting & are poor quality (I know)
  • Step 2: Pressed Control J Made Background layer. Used Magnetic Lass to outline image. Outline done image selected The 3 new layers marked with Line.
  • Step3 I was hoping copied and pasted my image. Instead outline only. (When I control C it is not copying the image. It is copying the outline only, what am I doing wrong?)
  • Step 4 Proof I can change background colors on layers - GREEN
  • Step 5 PROOF IT WORKS SOMETIMES :) !!!!!

Where am I making my mistake? I need to invert my image, where and when? IS THERE a FAQ on this? I searched for VIDEOS found none.

enter image description here

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I compiled a little tutorial for you. My Interface language is Polish, but I'll translate the commands to English version, so no worries!

  1. Using Pen Tool (hotkey: P), make a path around the object you wish to select. However, there are other other options of making selections, but this one is the most accurate, effective (and thus time-consuming), by far!

enter image description here

Then right-click in the path area and select "Make selection".

enter image description here

Then, use the "Feather" option and set it to 0.5px.

  1. Now that you have your selection:

enter image description here

Select Marquee Tool (hotkey: M) and right-click on your selected area.

enter image description here

Then, select the Layer by copying.

  1. Now that you have your bag removed from the background, create a new layer (hotkey: ctrl + shift + N), name it w/e you like, but keep it simple.

enter image description here

  1. It's time to create another layer and stack it above our cut-out bag.

enter image description here

Remember to put them in proper order of display in order to make it colorful and put the focus on the bag (or w/e thing you wish to highlight).

  1. Viola!

enter image description here

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