I have a Paragraph style called Bullet List. Like all my basic paragraphs, I need the list to have a space-before of one line (14.3pt). However I would also like to be able to control the space between the bullets independently of this. It seems that the only way I can change the spacing between the bullets is to change the space-before value, but this also effects the space-before the first bullet.

How can I set one value for the space-before the first bullet, and a different value for the space-before the subsequent bullets?

  • Do you mean a line space (leading) of 14.3? As in is the space you're trying to adjust horizontal between each bullet? Or vertical between the bullet and the margin and/or bullet and its adjacent text?
    – Ryan
    Jun 28, 2016 at 17:16

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If I understand correctly, you'll need to create two paragraph styles.

1) Create a paragraph style (bullet style #1) for the first line of the bullet list.

2) Duplicate that first paragraph style and rename it (ex. bullet style #2) and add a "left indent" value.

3) Go back to the first paragraph style (bullet style #1) and make sure you select paragraph style (bullet style #2) as the "Next Style".

4) Now select the unformatted bullet list and apply paragraph style (bullet style #1).

This should give you the desired result. Hope this helps.

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