When using InDesign's footnotes, it is possible to apply a paragraph style to the footnote from the Type > Document Footnote Options … dialogue. However this style doesn't effect the number that appears before the footnote (the parts shown in bold below)

1 This is a footnote.

2 Another footnote.

Is there any way of styling this part of the footnote?

Note: I am not talking about the numeral that appears in the text to indicate the existence of a footnote.


Paragraph styles do affect the numbers of the footnote text (or at least they should, I can't find a way for them not to).

If you want to style the number differently to the body of the footnote then you can use nested styles (or drop caps).

InDesign footnote styling

As you can see, I have applied a drop cap style to the first character of the paragraph style. The entire number of the footnote is treated as a single character though, regardless of the actual length of the string. So padding the footnote number with leading zeros, for example, will still style the entire number:

InDesign footnote styling

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