Did anyone succeed in importing a vertex-colored mesh into Sketchup? (My goal is to get a meshed pointcloud from an upcoming laserscan project into SketchUp and then publish it in Google Earth.)

For experiments, I started with this COLLADA file (*.dae) (found in this post). I tried several ways:

  • Import into MeshLab -> renders correctly colored.
  • Direct import into SketchUp -> mesh is OK, but no colors.
  • Convert colors into texture using MeshLab:
    • Filters > Texture > Parameterization: Trivial per-triangle (Settings: 0/1024/0/Basic)
    • Filters > Texture > Transfer Vertex Attributes to Texture (betw. 2 Meshes)
    • Export as .dae, enable Wedge>TexCoord, disable others
    • Exported file renders fine with texture in GLC Player or Open 3D Model Viewer
    • But no colors in SketchUp
  • Additionally converting to Vertex TexCoords:
    • Same procedure as above, then:
    • MeshLab: Filters > Texture > Convert PerWedge UV into PerVertex UV
    • Export as .dae (enable Vert>TexCoord, disable others)
    • Exported model won't show the texture in any software I tried. Looking at the .dae file, it contains a reference to the texture image file.

Any ideas how to accomplish this?

  • 3D Questions like yours are possibly going to be considered off-topic. There is a proposal for a 3D StackExchange site that could use your support: 3D Computer Graphics
    – Luciano
    Jul 11 '16 at 8:20

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