I'm trying to create a box with a lot of corners in it but it would be helpful if I could make the corners without having a break in the lines. Is there a way to draw lines continuously without any breaks at all?

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    Pen tool? Box tool? – joojaa Jul 21 '16 at 17:32
  • I said Line Tool – Chris Anderson Jul 21 '16 at 17:35
  • Yes you did but you really wanted to use pen tool. Linetool can not do what you ask but pen tool does. – joojaa Jul 21 '16 at 17:37
  • Could you explain a little? Maybe it doesn't do exactly what I'm thinking – Chris Anderson Jul 21 '16 at 17:48
  • Nevermind I understand what you mean. Thanks for the feed back! – Chris Anderson Jul 21 '16 at 17:50

Use the pen tool, it does what you want as long as you click the corner point and do not attempt to drag the segment. Line tool can not make a polyline just individual lines.

Though, its also no problem to click drag multiple times and join the lines with shapebuilder or ctrl + j afterward. It may seem like a extra step but given you often need to compose lines and shapes separately to do proper T-junctions for example it's not exactky as wasteful as it seems

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Actually it can be done with the line segment tool. I use Illustrator CC 2018. Draw a line anywhere on the page. Use menu at top right to verify "Shapes" is checked. This will bring up a little shape option in the toolbar. "Show shape widgets" is the default. Click it to "Hide shape widgets". Then you can use line segment tool (NOT PEN) to draw multi-line shapes. You will still need to join the lines but it is much quicker than the pen tool.

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    This is a method which works, with some additional clicks, but I must say I cannot agree with "is much quicker than the pen tool". – GerardFalla Feb 8 '19 at 16:42
  • Yes i use it all the time but i feel its not in the spirit of the question – joojaa Feb 8 '19 at 16:48

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