I know that older versions of Adobe Photoshop allowed you to choose Mac/IBM PC byte order when saving as a Photoshop RAW, but the option's not visible in CC 2015.1.

  • Why do you want to?. Also, you can't "save as raw". You can save as other formats; jpg, tiff, png, gif, etc. Did you mean one of those? – DocPixel Jul 23 '16 at 1:53
  • 1
    "Photoshop Raw," or .raw is the filetype. Yes, I'm absolutely sure it exits– it's necessary to create heightmaps for video games. – ghipkins Jul 23 '16 at 2:10
  • Raw is the original file format. You can't "save as raw" but you can save a raw file to the formats I mentioned earlier. I think the "Mac/PC byte order" shows up when you are saving as a tiff. But I've never seen that to make any difference, whether I'm using a PC or a Mac. – DocPixel Jul 25 '16 at 16:25
  • Note that this option only appears when the document is 16-bit – Justin Stenning Oct 4 '17 at 23:17

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