Does anyone know what is the full-branch of Graphic Design and the title for the person doing it.

Graphic Design
|- Web Design - Web Designer
|- Illustration - Illustrator
|- Photo Manipulation - Photo Manipulator



There is no official taxonomy for the various species of designers.


If you want to take a go at creating your own, some various titles that you might see in the graphic design world:

  • advertisement specialist
  • advertising designer
  • animator
  • art director
  • book setter
  • brand manager
  • broadcast designer
  • cartoonist
  • compositing artist
  • copywriter
  • creative director
  • data visualization specialist
  • director
  • environmental designer
  • exhibition designer
  • exhibition fabricator
  • graphic artist
  • graphic designer
  • illustrator
  • instructor / teacher
  • instructional designer
  • interaction designer
  • interactive designer
  • interface designer
  • logo designer
  • marketing manager
  • motion designer
  • multimedia designer
  • multimedia specialist
  • package designer
  • photo editor
  • photographer
  • prepress operator
  • presentation designer
  • producer
  • production artist
  • publisher
  • senior designer
  • sign maker
  • sign painter
  • signage and way finding designer
  • technical illustrator
  • type designer
  • typesetter
  • UX designer
  • video designer
  • visual artist
  • visual communications specialist
  • visual designer
  • web designer
  • web developer

The catch is that none of those are necessarily isolated skill sets. Throughout a career, a designer will often be wearing a variety of those hats, often several at the same time.

On top of that, there's no real rules at to what a title implies in terms of seniority or salary from one company to the next. It's mostly arbitrary.

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Following are the major fields of Graphic designing:

Multimedia Designer

Web Designer

Logo Designer

Brand Identity Designer

Flash Designer

Creative/Art Director

Photo Editing/Photoshop Artist

Layout Artist

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