I started using artboards in Photoshop, they are great for making banner sets. However, I've just had to change something in only 1 of my banners.

If I use 'File > Export as...' it only gives me the 'Export All' option. How do I exclude artboards or just pick one for export?

The goal is to save one of my artboards to a JPG banner.


Instead of "Export As...", select "File > Export > Artboards to Files":

enter image description here

This will give you the option to export the selected Artboard only.

enter image description here

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  • Thanks, I skipped trying this because 'artboards' suggested to me this was also meant for more than one artboard :) – Summer Aug 12 '16 at 15:31

You can also right-click on the artboard name in the Layers panel and choose "Quick export as PNG" (or "Export As..." and choose the appropriate format and quality settings).

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If a Photoshop file has artboards File > Export > Export As will only allow you to export all artboards

You also have the option to select whatever artboards you want, right click > export as and that will bring the same window as in your case but only for the selected artboards.


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