I'm making a shape in Affinity Designer using the pen tool, tweaking bezier curves, etc.

I have a shape that overlaps, meaning curves back and crosses over itself, so there's an intersection. The default behavior for Affinity Designer is to create a subtractive effect, whereby the shape has no fill in the intersection.

I'd like the shape I've created to be filled in, even in the intersection. How do I make Affinity do this?

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    Can you post an image?
    – DerWOK
    Dec 18, 2016 at 12:27

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You probably figured out a solution by now, but I thought I'd post here anyway.

From the manual:

  1. With the object selected, from the Layer menu, select an option from the Fill Mode sub-menu.

  2. You are looking for the Winding (Non-Zero) option.

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