I want to move over to a Xerox solid Ink printer but have concerns about its suitability for some applications.

For example will the solid ink repel adhesives (e.g. window stickers) or crack with too much handling/movement (e.g. kids stickers)?

Would appreciate any feedback and also recommendations for specialised adhesives/papers/sticker.

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I looked in some forums and Xerox's website and it seems that solid ink printing in its' earliest form had some durability concerns, but Xerox claims to have improved.

One of their other claims is that solid ink's quality is virtually paper-independent, which makes sense to me: laser and inkjet printers have some dependence on paper's porous nature, whereas solid ink doesn't go as deep into the paper, so images will hypothetically look sharper.

Left: color inkjet, Right: solid ink (via Xerox)

Solid ink vs color laser macro view

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