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I am trying to export print files from a large template file. Why are my layers showing up in the PNG and how can I get it to stop? Exporting to screens does not help.

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In my case, it was an issue with nested layers. Even though a parent layer was set to hidden, the layers within were set to visible and would show when exporting.

I was able to fix it by hiding the inner layers instead of the outer layer.

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Export selection! Try Export Selection on the actually assets you want to Export. This worked for us.


The workaround works, but is not feasible when you can have dozens, if not hundreds of sub layers. The only solution I've found then is to open the vector file in Photoshop and save it as PNG from there. Very annoying.



Make certain Overprint Preview is not active -- View > Overprint Preview - Or the checkbox on the Separations Preview Panel.

Overprint preview tends to do really odd things if it's on and you try to "Save for Web" such as ignoring the visibility state layers, ignoring blending modes, etc..

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