I made a blend of circles that distribute from big to small and chose the replace with spine command. I have noticed the circles are not evenly spaced in the spine. I have changed adding anchor points but did not work. Is there a way to distribute evenly along a spiral path? enter image description here

  • The centers of those circles are spaced equally, right? So you don't want to distribute the objects, you want the spaces to be equal. – Jongware Sep 10 '16 at 10:56
  • Well you cloud make a brush and then use that buit other than scripting theres no easy way to distribute the objects with equal space (which is not equally distributed by the way) – joojaa Sep 10 '16 at 12:27

No, it's not possible using a blend since the blend will create equally distributed objects, which with varying sized objects means uneven spacing. What you can do is set up your blend, manually align the shapes yourself then create an art brush to create the spiral.

  1. Create you blend the way you would like it. (it may be useful to try it on the spiral first, either on a duplicate or then undo back to the regular straight spine).

enter image description here

  1. Expand the blend (Object → Blend → Expand) so that you have a group of distinct objects.

  2. Select all the circles and use the "Horizontal Distribute Spacing" option in the Align panel to get the equal spacing you want.

enter image description here

  1. Drag your now equally spaced circles to the Brushes panel.

    Select "Art Brush" and change scaling options to "Scale Proportionally" to prevent your circles being deformed too much.

enter image description here

  1. Apply your new art brush to the spiral:

enter image description here

  • Well explained. ... Seeing this, to me it looks like the distances between the smaller circles are larger than between the larger ones. It must be an optical illusion; for one, your method of distributing is mathematically correct, and for two, eyeballing it with a pinky nail shows it is indeed the same distance. – Jongware Sep 11 '16 at 19:54
  • The pinky nail never lies. – Cai Sep 11 '16 at 19:59
  • I could not live without. When designing on a computer, I guesstimate distances in "mouse pointer widths" 😀 – Jongware Sep 11 '16 at 20:01
  • 1
    Yes but you get some nasty distortion though. – joojaa Sep 11 '16 at 20:13
  • @joojaa you get some distortion yes, but depending on what your needs are it's most likely the easiest option. – Cai Sep 11 '16 at 20:17

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