I am a UI-UX Designer working for web and mobile apps since last 2 years. Now I am planning to expand my skills and want to learn basics of Animations (e.g Compositing a Mobile App into a Cell Phone) , GIF Animations etc.


I know I need to learn Adobe After Effects but which path, books, tutorials should I start watching to get a good grip of this area?

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In the age of youtube, and After Effects, the two have met their ideal partners.

Start here, 20 minute introduction to After Effects, or similar:


Then to specific task masters, like Mikey:


and Evan:


But don't stop here if these people don't appeal. There's others along the same lines with completely different personalities.

AE is a wide program, lots of features and effects. So it just takes time to see and try a lot of them. It's not a deep and wide app like Maya and 3ds Max, so unfortunately it never becomes intuitive like they do.

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