I keep coming across this problem randomly in my documents.

I’d like to Free Transform → Perspective Transform, but the option is grayed out.

If I hit Ctrl/Command+T and then drag one of the handles while holding Alt/Option, I’m not able to move each handle independently (Perspective Transform). It reverts to the Skew transform which is not what I want (see image).

I can do this in certain documents but not others. I should mention that I’m trying to transform a linked AI file in PS. However, I’ve done the same thing with a linked PSD.

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I just tested this out by copy/pasting an AI object into a PSD. I can confirm that many of the Transform operations are disabled as you said.

To remedy this, I right clicked on the Vector Smart Object layer and chose Convert to Smart Object. Now I have a Smart Object of a Smart Object and all of the Transform operations are enabled.

So if you want to edit the original vector in AI, then double-click the layer, and it'll open a .psb, then double click the layer there and it'll open an .ai

Would this work for you?


It's possible I just answered my own question, but can anyone confirm this? That only with a linked or embedded smart object PSD (not AI) can I Perspective Transform the document? It appears that I only see this with AI linked or embedded.

Figured if anyone else has this problem, that at least we'd have a question complete with an answer.

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