Hello I need help creating an outline to a blur shape I managed to blur the shape but I'm just trying to create a an outline to the blurred shape so it stands out more and I cannot seem to do it. The way I blurred the shape was I made a copy of the video and put Gaussian blur filter and tracking matte key to make it blur out the background now when I try to create the outline using properties on the shape it will not create a solid outline. You can see in the picture below for a better understanding . enter image description here

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You seem to be asking how to do this in Photoshop, however your example image is in Adobe Premier Pro.

Anyway, this is how I'd do it in Photoshop.

  • Copy and paste a section of the background, on a new layer, to make your blurred shape.
  • Engage the "pixel lock" in the layers panel.
  • Click Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur, to blur the shape.
  • Disengage the "pixel lock".
  • CTRL+click (or Command+click on Mac) on the layer with the blurred shape. This will select the shape.
  • Click Edit > Stroke, and choose a stroke width and colour to stroke the outline of the shape.

Example using the above technique:

Example image of blurred shape outlined


This answer is assuming that you are wanting to blur a specific shape within an image (since you specified that you were using Adobe Photoshop). However, you mention that you made a copy of a video and applied a blur.

If I'm understanding you correctly, it sounds like you just need to use the selection tool and/or make a quick mask to select your object and then just blur that portion of the image using the blur tool.


create a layer that is a duplicate of the unblurred image, and paint over the shape you will be blurring. Use black or white and color in the part that will have a blurry edge, which you don't want. blur the second image, and create a mask with the first image, placing it above the blurred layer. The part that you painted black will "disappear," and the blurred part will show through.


You could create the outline just as a box in Illustrator or Photoshop. Illustrator might make the load lighter for Premier Pro.

  1. You would make the outline of a box with your desired thickness
  2. Make it the exact same dimensions as the blur
  3. Just make sure it is on a layer above that blur filter in Premier Pro.

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