I need to vertically align the Google Cloud Vision paragraph with the symbol next to it, which is a vector placed within the text frame.

enter image description here

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You can either baseline shift the symbol DOWN or baseline shift the text next to it UP. If you've got a lot of them then save it as a paragraph style.

  • Left click the vector icon
  • Choose Anchored Object > Options
  • Play around with the 'Y Offset' value until this looks as you want it

Combining the above two answers, you can choose a Y offset and create an Object Style via Windows/Styles/Object Styles. This way you can replicate the embedded object with the preferred text height several times.


Highlight the inline item as if it were text, and adjust the baseline shift in the Character Panel.

enter image description here

You can then copy the text, as text, and paste it and the inline graphic will remain consistent.

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