I've made these icons and i want to export them at 2X. What i do now is that i select each icon, hit export @2X and then move on to the next icon until I'm done.

Is there a way to export all my icons all at once to a different .png file each? For example, i want to select my 10 icons and end up with 10 different .png files without repeating the same task 10 times.enter image description here

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Select all of your 10 icons (because each icon has multiple components like the circle and the symbol, every icon should be a group. So you should have 10 groups) and click on Make Exportable on the bottom right corner. Then select 2x for Size and click Export Layers.

Finally select the folder you want your 10 Icons to be saved in.

  • Thanks for your reply. Actually what I found was that my icons where named the same. So every time an icon was exported it would overwrite the previous one. So I would be left with only one icon in the end. I just changed the names and it worked fine.
    – paul
    Oct 11, 2016 at 7:50

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