I saw this book cover and I loved the font of the title, I tried using photoshop with different styles like bevel and emboss but nothing looked like the photo, I was wondering if anyone could show me how to create this type of typography style for "The Young Elites" and "The Rose Society" I love the look of it and would love to know how to recreate it! Thanksenter image description here

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The effects are much more likely fined tuned than what I am about to show you but this should give you a starting point. This can be done in most photo editing programs but the following steps are for Photoshop.

1) Write out your text

2) Based on your style, find a picture with texture to place above your text layer. I used a picture of wolfs fur.

wolf texture

3) Select the textured layer and go to Layer -> Create Clipping Mask.

4) Add Bevel & Emboss to the text layer. Double click on the text layer in the Layers Panel to open up the Layer Style window and choose Bevel & Emboss. Also add a slight drop shadow to the text.

Bevel options


The result

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