I'm not sure what keys I hit, but my rectangle tool has a crosshair and a left arrow attached to a vertical bar. When I draw rectangles, they are drawn at a skew and not aligned to a default XY axis.

Anyone know how I got it turned on? What it's purpose is, and more importantly, how to turn it off without restarting?


enter image description here


That's the icon that appears when you have a perspective grid turned on, but it seems odd that you wouldn't know that the grid was there. In any event, try going to View > Perspective Grid > Hide Grid (if it's turned on) or hit Command-Shift-i.

  • thanks, @chris, appreciate the help... I was only drawing in a small area so didn't see the perspective shift. appreciate it! (and yes, odd that no grid was showing at all) Oct 6 '16 at 17:19

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