I want to have an arrow with aspect ratio of 4 (length/width) as marker. It looks like this:

Such a marker is not available in Inkscape by default. I tried drawing the same and tried the Objects to marker option. This object disappears. I see the object in the marker list. How to permanently save this in the list of markers?

The Inkscape version is 0.91.

  • I think (but haven't tested) that you can save the marker by adding it as a marker in Inscakpe's default.svg. See this question about editing default.svg. Commented Jan 9, 2017 at 12:40

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There are some notes on adding custom markers permanently over here (go to the section "Custom Markers").

Short summary:

  • Open the document containing your markers using a text editor or Inkscape's XML editor.
  • Search the marker definition. It should start with <marker … and end with </marker>.
  • Copy your marker definition to Inkscape's makers.svg *. You may want do modify the definition such that the marker adapts to stroke color, orientation, and so on.

* You can find Inkscape's configuration files on your PC by looking into Inkscape's preferences. The configuration file paths listed in Edit > Preferences > System. Look for the entry Inkscape Data. You may have to append …/inkscape/markers/markers.svg.

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