In Illustrator, I create some designs in RGB mode (eg: glow effect and blending mode), If I drag and drop the CMYK document some blending options are changing. So please give me the solution for this problem, I am very confused by this problem...

enter image description here


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The blending mode could be changing because there's a color shift caused by going from RGB to CMYK. Assuming you'll be printing it on paper, will it be a (a) home inkjet printer or a (b) commercial press?

If it's (a) an inkjet printer, you can leave it in RGB mode.

If it's (b) press, it will require the the CMYK mode.

If (b), I suggest you change the colors all to CMYK, and redo the blends. It will probably be faster than trying to find how to fix the existing ones.

  • It's not about color. Blending modes are inherently different in RGB vs CMYK. (See duplicate)
    – Cai
    Oct 9, 2016 at 6:39

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